Witbier is a Belgian style ale that is typically pale and cloudy due to a high concentration of wheat and barley protein. Traditionally spiced with coriander and Curaçao orange peel, witbiers are light, refreshing, and complex.

Ten Ninety Imperial Wit is highly versatile and compelling. Our Imperial Wit has a body and alcohol level typical of many table wines, with a drying acidity, lighter body, and notes of orange peel and coriander.

Lighter seafood and cheese perfectly complement the tart fullness of Ten Ninety Imperial Witbier.
We recommend pairing the following with our Witbier:
Steamed mussels, smoked salmon, Caesar salad, seared tuna salad with citrus vinaigrette
Flakey fish (sole, tilapia), fish tacos, mild sushi, lobster mac and cheese, snow crab, goat cheese omelette
Herbed chèvre, feta, aged Gouda, Brie, Humboldt Fog
Over vanilla ice cream for a coriander-spiced, "dreamsicle" float, candied orange peel