Created in 18th century London, porters were some of the first mass-produced and consumed beers of the industrial revolution. Porter evolved from a blend of brown and darker beers that were precursors to stouts. Tradition has it that these beers were favored by porters and other physical laborers.

Ten Ninety Imperial Porter is fiery elegance. Our porter is brewed with ample Munich, mild brown and de-bittered black malts for a chocolaty, espresso base. To contrast this bittersweet backbone, we added an ample dose of cayenne pepper, and tempered this heat with tart pomegranate juice.

Ten Ninety Imperial Porter is a perfect match for bold, smoky and cured meats as well as deeply roasted fowl and caramelized seafood.
We recommend pairing the following with our Porter:
Charcuterie and cheese plates, spicy meatballs, bacon-wrapped figs or shrimp, cashews roasted with cayenne and rosemary, foie gras
Smoked brisket, grilled ribeye, savory lamb chops, roast duck, seared scallops, cassoulet
Aged gruyere, stilton, Havarti, pepper jack, Manchego
Poured over vanilla ice cream as a chocolate-espresso float or simply as dessert by itself, pumpkin pie, tiramisu