Craft beer transforms four simple ingredients into something great. At Ten Ninety, we further this transformation to produce refreshing yet complex and challenging beers from unique ingredients and processes.

As we reach beyond traditional combinations of water, malted grain, hops, and yeast, we are unapologetically proud to say that we brew extraordinary small batch beers meant to be thoughtfully enjoyed

Ten Ninety is a symbol of the passion we possess for craft brewing and the culinary world. Our name comes from the brewing process itself. Ten Ninety or "1.090" is the approximate measurement of Original Gravity for each of our flagship beers. This measurement, taken early in the brewing process, denotes a beer with a higher amount of fermentable sugars than most common beers.

In fact, our beers share this trait with most wines. A higher original gravity means our beers are more likely to compliment a fine dining experience in the same way. Sharing good conversation over a meal accentuated by an exceptional beer is a universal experience. Sharing a meal and a Ten Ninety elevates this experience.

We find inspiration from flavor profiles and cultures the world over. Specific foods have inspired many of our beers and will drive our innovation in the future. Most brewers create a beer and then find a food to pair with it. We start with food and create a beer to pair with that food. It is subtle differences like these that differentiate us from the rest.

Simply put, Ten Ninety is Craft Beer Elevated.